Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone is having or had a great Valentines Day! We celebrated over the weekend with the family by going to our favorite Japanese grill Kobe. The kids love watching the chef cook the food in front of you.
I plan on treating myself to some re-ment as a gift from my husband. Mini's are the way to my heart, and chocolate of course.

I have been making some progress on embroidery pieces recently, which is exciting.
I feel like I have been stumped artisticly lately. I think it is my brains way of telling me I need to unwind and just relax. And when I do, I can usually come back refreshed.
I took some time to just brainstorm and read. I just started the new "cozy mystery" by Amanda Lee called "Stitch Me Deadly." I love these books. They are craft themed. They are a really fun read.

I made some Valentines Day themed sugar cookies on Friday. I found the recipe in an Christas cookie book and they are delicious. They are more of a butter cookie then a sugar cookie. I added the red icing for the kids. I found the cookie cutters at the Dollar General, and for a dollar ;) I will have to share the cute bunny gnome and mouse lawn ornaments I found at the Dollar General as well. I am enjoying them inside as of right now. I almost am not sure I can sit them outside. They are just too cute.

We had some beautiful weather over the weekend. We are talking jacket weather! I know the weather is just teasing me, but I sure can't wait for Spring. I even got to take a spin on my newly amped up moped. My husband put some faster parts on it, so I am now topping speeds of 40mph, whereas a stock moped goes max 25. Yeah, he's smart;) It is so much fun though. I can't wait to take it out all summer.

Well I'm off to enjoy some relaxing! Happy Valentines Day!!

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  1. So much fun! I need more garden gnomes in my life.