Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Dreamin'

Wow I don't want June to be over this fast. I love to savor summer. Even though it gets hot, summer just seems more relaxing. Well I don't teach in the summer, so that is one thing that gives me a bit of a break. I have so many projects swirling around in my head. I want to start on a quilt for my daughters using some of my vintage sheet collection. I was very much inspired by the quilt that Candace from Sparkle Power made with her vintage sheet collection. I plan on just doing a block quilt, and I want to tie this one as she did and not do all machine quilting. So that is project number one in my head. I have one shirt nearly completed, just need to hem it. I have more I plan on working on. Another thing I want to conquor this summer is learning how to screen print. I have had a whole set for several years now, but haven't had the nerve to test it. I have so many t-shirt ideas that need to be screen printed. So this is project number two in my head. Of course I continue to work on my embroidery pieces. I also keep having thoughts of creating a zine. When I was in school I absolutely loved zines. I want to just start sketching out ideas, and thoughts that I find comical or interesting. If only I had more hours in the day. I feel like I start to fade too early in the day. Oh and yes I have some big plans for redecorating my daughters room . They have many vintage pieces which I adore, so I want to play off of that. She has a vintage toy baby crib from the fifties in near mint condition, and a vintage toy baby highchair that I love too. I want to bring out some of the vintage colors fron these pieces. So do you think I have enough I want to accomplish this summer. Not to mention I want to work on my Christmas stockings for winter. I want to work on some new designs for my shop. I had a blast with those last year.

I found this at the thriftstore this past weekend. It will be great for a vintage camera collector. It still has the flashes, the book , the box, pretty much the whole kit. I already have a brownie, so I plan on selling it in my shop.

Well I am off to relax and think about thing I want to get done;)

P.S. Seriously tail it over to Dainty Squid for the most amazing giveaway from MungoCrafts. I love love these sweatshirts!!!!


  1. Neat! Just the other day I cut 42 blocks and some of them are from some very pretty vintage sheets. Gonna try to make my very first quilt. Have fun with your summer projects!

  2. I can't wait to see what your quilt looks like!