Friday, June 18, 2010

Looonnnng Weeeek....

I've kind of had one of those Mommy weeks. You know the kind where your feel like you had to be the bad guy non-stop. Ugh! I hate those weeks. My husband so kindly took me to get a falafel sandwich to help my week out. And what can't falafel fix?
I was at a cupcake party on Monday and was excited to hear some Daniel Johnston. If you have not see his documentary, " The Devil and Daniel Johnston," order it now. I have seen it several times, but have wanted to own. I bought it yesterday for a little over 13 dollars on and only 97 cents to ship. I can't wait to watch it yet again. His song, "True love will find you" brings chills to me every time. If you know anything about him, it breaks your heart a bit too.

What a treasure on this earth. He has brought so much to the music world. His writing is absolutely amazing!

Check out this wonderful magical treasury The Light Fantastic put together.

Tonight is our local Etsy party. I hope to go. It will be nice to meet other Etsians in the area.

I'm almost done with my gingham shirt. I need to go fabric shopping soon. We have a busy week next week, well father's day is on Sunday, and my little girl is turning 4 on Tuesday. I will share what we worked on for daddy on fathers day. It was fun.
Well have a great Friday.

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