Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doing What I Love

As I have mentioned many times before, making clothes is something I absolutely love to do. I started on a new shirt last night. It is almost like taking a big breath of fresh air. I love the cutting, the matching of pieces, the sewing on the machine! I love it all. I am making a dark blue gingham shirt with Simplicity 2962. I made this one last year with a plaid , and I still adore it. It is a super easy one to make, and very flattering at the same time as well. I really have this dream of working through alot of my patterns in the next few months so that I could have a handmade wardrobe. I feel like the clothing I have made myself, flatters me more than the store bought pieces. I plan on doing a little fabric shopping next week for ideas for some of my patterns. I love looking at dress patterns, but I feel like I don't wear them enough. I have collected alot of vintage patterns that would be super fun to make. I will be turning thirty in September, and would love to get a serger to celebrate this big event. I have yet to figure out which type would be suite me. I want to go to a sewing machine shop to test some out. I feel like my clothing would step up a notch in durability and look if I had the edges serged. I usually do a zig zag stitch so that my seams dont' unravel and last for awhile. Well I'm off to finish up an order, and relax!

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