Friday, June 25, 2010

No lights?

Last night I was sitting on the couch embroidering and watching 30 Rock, thinking about what snack I might eat, when, the electricity went out. Okay, I paid the bill, so I know its not that. The kids somehow in their sleep heard everything shut off, so they wake up screaming. I furiously found my flash light, and then found all the kids flashlights. We peeked outside, and the whole street didn't have power. So we called the company, they were already on it. You know what I realized, I take electricity for granted. We had the air going, cable on, fridge for cold drinks. With no electric, it seems so boring, and candles put me to sleep. I finished my shirt. I really like it in the blue and white gingham.

Okay I am addicted to looking at the "Suggested Shops" section on Etsy. I have found so many things that I otherwise amy have not found that I love.

I love these pictures by Helen Dardik She has such a vintage touch to her pictures, and this one makes me really happy.

I love anything Kawaii. I found this awesome shop called "Kawaii Cute" and they have the most amazing Japanese craft books. This book is definitly on my list.

Oh I wish I could have snagged this necklace when it was on the front page from "Lovely Musings". As soon as I inquired it was gone. I love the color!!

Just wanted to share a few of my faves. I have alot of work to do this weekend. With Father's day and a birthday, it seems this week wasn't very productive. Anyways, Happy Friday!

P.S. If you are a fan of Heidi Kenney, Oh wait a second, who isn't a fan? Anyways, high tail it over to her blog for a chance to win one of her KidRobot plush pizza slices, or a flapjack with butter! Me want! I would love to snuggle up with a slice of pizza!!!


  1. I love your shirt it looks fantastic! Have a great weekend xx

  2. Thank you so much Alexandra! You have a great weekend as well!