Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday, My Fave Day, T.G.I.F.

I love Fridays. You want to know why. I know I can lay on the couch all evening until really late with my husband watching movies or nonsense shows. I have been steadily working on my shirt. I attached all the bodice pieces, and I'm not working on finishing the sleeves. I plan on going fabric shopping next week, and I feel like I'm in the market for some floral and I would love love to find some cool plaids and ginghams.

So I have to tell you about an amazing project that fellow blogger "Becky Buttons" is working on. She is interviewing 50 crafters from 50 states. I have read through all the interviews, and it is so awesome to see where other crafters find their inpiration. I was honored that she asked me to be a part of it , and she is featuring my interview today! Check it out!

Oh I can't forget I wanted to give a big thank you to Carina from "Feeling Stitchy" for featuring my new pieces "Drifting."

I love seeing everyone's blogs when they do Friday Faves, so I'm going to start posting some of mine that I have found recently.

Okay these tiny toadstool berets are absolutely amazing. It took my breath away the first time I saw these by "Tiny Toadstool." Simply stunning.

Okay my next friday fave is a shop I came across that does the most awesome reconstruction recycled dresses and shirts. I love the oragami details on her necklines. Check out "Peeko Apparal."

And finally, check this shop out! The most stunning creature creations I have seen in awhile. Check out "Cuore."
I am in awe of "Mel the Skunk." I would love to carry a skunk around!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I am in love with your drifting piece. Thanks for the fun reads and inspiration. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh thank you so much Natalie! You have a awesome weekend as well!

  3. Your drifting piece is beautiful and i love the shirt you are making. I think i remember you having the sew u dresses book....would you recommend it? I was thinking of getting it or maybe the stretch one. Hope you are having a great weekend xxx

  4. I do have the Sew U Dresses book, and I would definitly recommend it. It has so many versatile pattern styles(The book comes with patterns a definite plus). I still need to make something from it, but I plan too. I also have the Sew U Stretch one as well. She teaches how to sew with jersey , but I really think having a serger would be more useful with this one. I would get the Sew U Dresses first. Thanks again! You have a great weekend as well!!