Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Me at Mike's Envelope Project

I love anything to do with crazy ideas, and sending letters, and craft swaps. When I came across "Meet Me At Mikes" envelope project I knew I had to do it. You just decorate an envelope and put little ins and odds of paper, craft pieces, pictures, and send it to Pip in Australia. She owns and runs and little shop in Australia, and she is putting all the envelopes with their contents in her window. She will be posting pics of all the letters with their contents on her flickr and blog. I can't wait to see what arrives. I put all kinds of little finds from my desk and around the house. A hodge podge of who I am as well. I painted the envelope and machine stitched it. I even machine stitched lace to the edges. It was pretty fun to create. I worked on it this weekend. We had a very lazy weekend. We pretty much lounged around and ate food. A good weekend I would have to say. I posted a button on the side that you can link to to check out the details and get your envelope to Australia. It just started June 4 and is runnig for six weeks. She is going to start posting the envelopes on the 14th. Can't wait!


  1. ooooooo, fun. headin' over there to check it out...

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for the book recommendation, think i will try and get them both eventually...i love the first one. Have a great day xx