Thursday, June 2, 2011

Minis and Blogs

Where do the days go? I've been busy finishing up a school year, preparing for our trip, and working on my embroidery. It will be nice to get a break, and have some creative outlet time. I plan on making plenty of new dollhouse furnitures, sketching, embroidering, and even working on some Christmas ideas for my shop. I really want to make more ornaments this year. I made little soldiers last year, and they were a blast to make. It's amazing how, when the summer ends, it seems the holidays creep up surprisingly fast. If I can get organzied enough, I really really want to make time to do some screen printing. I have a hefty list of mental to-do's, but, it can't hurt.
We are anxious for our Chicago trip. Through some amazingly generous mopeder's we were able to get our hotel stay for a third of the price. A really nice hotel in the heart of Chicago. We are planning all my mini stops (thanks to the shopping sherpa), and eateries that we have been told about. I plan on indulging like noone's business. It really is hard to fathom not making meals, cleaning, or preventing toy fights for several days. I can't hardly wait! It's hard to leave them, but I know they will be in good hands, so that makes things easier.
I have been wanting a little television for my room box, and when I saw the Mimo Herbal Tea Shop television I knew they would be it would be the perfect look , complete with an antenna. Now I know we are all flat screen and all these days, but I love the old style look!

I also finished a little shoe shelf the other day. I just couldn't get the sizes perfect on this one. Not some of my finest work, but overall it does the job. I wanted this one black, instead of a stain. I like having next to the front door.

I even included a thermos, bento box, and purse, ready to go by the door. I love that re-ment set. The bento box is very detailed.

I recently found MitchyMooMiniatures, and I couldn't love her blog more! She has an amazing tutorial on making a couch, which I cannot wait to work on when I get back. She also has an awesome giveaway going on too!
Also another amazing blog I have found is BRINJA KOBENHAVN. Seriously check out her miniature section. She made a room box that is the exact replica's of her home. She uses recycled materials on most of her pieces. I could look at her blog forever. She has a beautiful workshop and store in Copenhagen (from what I've seen on her blog!)
I love it when I find new blogs.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. That television is adorable! Will check out the links, too.

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