Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Morning Monday

We had some ferocious storms last night, complete with children screaming, and the electricity going out. My daughter has to have a nightlight, so when she noticed it went out, and the thunder was roaring, she was not happy. Luckily the power was restored a few hours later, yippee.
We had a great weekend. We went to the zoo on Saturday and got to see the new bear exhibit. Let's just say, it was uhhmazing! We watched grizzly bears wrestle right in front of us. We also watched the polar bear dive for his fish. It was nice and overcast all day, so the whole day was enjoyable! We even got our pic taken with Spongebob! He was visiting the zoo this weekend.
Father's Day was wonderful as well. I made my husband a carrot cake (recipe i've shared before, and its amazing!) I also did my cast iron pizza with sausage and chopped onions. I have to say if you haven't made your own cast iron skillet pizza, please do! It's excellent! Dad had already gotten his gift a few weeks earlier, a new but vintage schwinn.
We didn't make it to the garage sale, the zoo was calling our name.
I had a couple of cups of coffee last night so that I could start working on watercolor with some of my sketches. I hope to here soon, knock on wood, to be selling some prints of my pieces, along side my embroidery.

For those of you who have had prints made of your works, ? Where is the best place to have this done?
The pic up top is the one I did last night. I plan on doing alot my sketches, and possibly using some of my older pieces for paintings as well.
My minis have been neglected for a couple of weeks now. They are calling my name.
Have a great Monday!

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