Thursday, June 16, 2011

Regular bloggin' with Egg Rolls

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It seems like my blog has been rather hit or miss lately. I would love to blog more. I want to even start like a theme for different days of the week so it keeps me on task. It's funny, even though I'm not a widely read blog I still love to blog everyday. It's like a online journal of sorts really. Do you feel that way? It's a little piece of me.
Last night I made egg rolls for the first time. They were delicous. I got some great recipe tips from my father-in-law a.k.a. "best cook ever." They were way easier than I had expected. Do you want to make them? I'll share my secrets...
Well to make the rolls this is what I used:
Store bought egg roll wrappers (I found mine in the organic section)
Bagged slaw mix (thinly chopped cabbage and carrot) you can chop yourself if you wish
1 pound Ground Pork
Fresh Chopped Ginger 2 tsp.
Chinese Five spice 1/2 tsp
Garlic Powder 2 tsp.
Fresh Chopped Green Onions (as many as you like)
Sesame Oil few dashes
Canola Oil for Frying

To prep chop a couple of tsp. of ginger. Cook your ground pork with the ginger, 2tsp. of garlic powder, 1/2 tsp. of chinese five spice seasosing, green onions, cook until no longer pink.
Set the meat mixture aside when done cooking.
Now fill a pan or pot with as much canola oil as you think will fry these babies, and add some sesame oil to the canola, a few dashes does the trick, and let it heat. I wait until a drip of water will make it sizzle.
Now lay out your egg roll wrappers, place as much veggie mix as you like and pork, and roll it up nice and tight. I make about five then put them all in the pot. Fry them until they are a nice golden brown on each side.
A pound of pork makes quite a few, and we had plenty left for leftovers.
I served mine with some fried rice I made and plum sauce(store bought) for dipping. You could use sweet and sour as well.
Delicous! Oh and yes, a tip to keep the edges stuck together when folding, make a mixture of 2 tsp. water with 2 tsp. flour to make a paste, and dip your finger in that and wipe on the edges, it acts like an edible glue.
Let me know if you make these. You won't regret! You can get as fancy as you want too with the inside mixture. With kids, they are picky usually, but they actually enjoyed these! My daughter devoured the plum sauce like it was dessert.
Well I'm off to enjoy a beautiful summer day!

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