Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Back! And Lots To Share!

We had such a relaxing time. We did a whole bunch of walking, eating, and going to different little places. We really had to good time just utilizing how close we were to alot of things and walked almost everywhere. We did make our way to "Hot Dougs" where we stood in line for 2 hours for a hot dog. Now to most this may seem insane, but the sheer deliciousness of these dogs was quite amazing. And don't forget your cash, its cash only too. We tried several different ones. We did a "Paul's beer brat", the traditional chili dog, and the brat with garlic horseradish sauce and gorgonzola cheese (Wow!) So good!!! But the "Duck Fries" (fries cook in duck fat) were the star of the show. We even got some cheese to dip them in! Wow!

And Here's the line!

The first night we were there we didn't realize "Hot Dougs" closed at four o'clock so were immediatly yelped what to eat. I was in the mood for Thai food, so we found a little place called "Sticky Rice." I don't remember the last time I ate so much food. We shared a bunch of things so we could try alot. We had their spicy sausage, pad thai, green curry with chicken, spring rolls (wow!), but the star of the show was the "mango sticky rice." By the time I got to the dessert I was stuffed to the gills, but this was so delicous, I made room!
We really wanted to eat at a authentic "Chicago Style" pizza place, so we found "Lou Malinati's." I literally took us less than ten minutes to walk to. We went at lunch time and were there a few minutes before they opened at 11.

They had a miniature set of chicago at the Musuem of Science and Industry. It was hard to get a good picture, it was 'free day', so it was quite chaotic, but I did see the few things I wanted to. Thanks to "The Shopping Sherpa" I saw "Fairy Castle." It was quite amazing! Talk about taking a dollhouse to the next level.

We walked the "Magnificent Mile" or Michigan Ave. a few times. Here's my handsome hubby posing so cute on the street.

I hardly ever take pics of myself. But I thought this one was okay of the few my husband took. I don't know how, but I always end up looking angry in pictures. This one we took in the "Water Tower" building. They had a life size "Woody" made of legos. It was quite amazing!

We also went to the "Shedd Aquarium" the last day we were there. It was also a free day as well. I would definitly not go back on a free day, and just go when its normal admission. They wait was two hours. Too much for how little they let you see of the aquaruim for free. It was a beautiful aquarium however. Waiting in line was a beautiful view of the city. And the weather was nice too!
I didn't take pics of everything, but we did go to "Uncle Fun" a cute little toy shop with your classic fun toys for really cheap. I also wanted to visit "Renegade Handmade" which we did as well. It was neat to see it in person. Cute, and in a really great area too. The architecture was simply spectacular throughout the city. Oh and yes we walked to the Navy Pier as well. You can't miss that! Just the history behind it! I really did love Chicago. I will definitly go back. So many more places I would love to visit there!
Have a great day!


  1. fries cooked in duck fat...OMG! Yum! Is that decadent or what?
    those hot dougs look delsih...can't get anything like that here. sigh. and the pizza
    too mmmmm.
    I'm really glad you had such a great holiday Jenny and I think that's a cool pic of you with your Vans!

  2. those hot 'dougs' look incredible. I can only imagine what fries cooked in duck fat would taste like *wipes dribble from chin*

    glad you had a nice break.

  3. Thanks Kylie and Estelle! Yes, it was wonderful! I am still having visions of duck fries in my head! They were delicous!