Monday, May 23, 2011

Games, Face Painting, And Zen Gardens

We had a nice weekend. Sunny with a bit of rain. I felt like I did a whole lotta nothin'. Which is fine by me. We looked at few garage sales, but didn't find much that fancied us. We went in search of some Wii games at our fave used game store, and I found the most amazingly fun game, "Sushi Go-Round." First of all I love, sushi (I'm a wimp, cooked), and I love games such as these, where you have to be thinking ahead. I played it when the kids went to bed for like an hour, and had a blast. I can see this turning into a ritual

Zen gardens have been popping up alot lately. My son and I have been learning history around the world, and we read about how zen gardens began and such, which was quite interesting. Then I wanted an "Independent Lens" on PBS called "Queen Beetles" and then talked about the philosophy. Then yesterday whilst watched "Sunday Morning" they had a whole segment on Zen gardens. They are quite beautiful and peaceful. I am really interested in creating one. As being a miniature finatic, the idea is quite appealing.

I am loving the minis by Orcara. I bought a couple yesterday, just because of the sheer deliciousness of these sets. Fried chicken, in a bucket , too awesome!

I love the burrito!

We went to my husbands work picnic, the kids had a blast, breaking a pinata, and they even had a face painter, which my daughter was excited about. She meowed the whole way home.

Have a great Monday!

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