Friday, March 11, 2011

What a Week..

The week started off normal enough, but by the end of it, today, I'm exhausted. I woke up Wednesday to a mess made by my dog around the house. Apparently she snuck out of our bedroom and decided she would relieve herself around the house, yes, and even both. So that was fun to wake up to. Then yesterday, my little buddy woke up and , much to his dismay, couldn't get to the bathroom in enough time, and lost his dinner from the night before. Once that was cleaned off of various places, the girls were up. And another accident occurs. My youngest decided she needed to pee by her bed and on a gift bag. I feel like I've cleaned up every bodily fluid possible this week. I'm feeling quite drained.
I'm glad to report that my son is feeling way better today.
I woke to read as well about the devastation in Japan. I feel so horribly for the lives lost, and those left to clean up from the devastation. Our earth is making some major shifts. It seems we have been having an unnerving amount of earthquakes. I hope this all quiets down soon. I feel so horrible for all those dealing with the aftermath just recently in New Zealand.

I finished a piece earlier in the week that I was excited about.

I believe I will title it "Just Out of Reach." I had fun making this one.

Lastnight my husband and I started on the painting process of my new dollhouse duplex's. He loves painting and sanding. I went with a white paint that already had a primer in it so that it would save on time. It worked out wonderfully. We did two coats of it. A tip that my husband came up with (he always thinks outside the box) was to use the rough wood that was meant for the inside, on the outside, so that we have nice smooth walls where I will be taking the pictures. Brillant I say! I can't wait to work some more this weekend. We are doing one duplex at a time. I hope to get some more painting done tonight, and then possibley glue the pieces together this weekend. I want to find a nice old table to put these on in our family room. I want an old table from the thrift store type.

Movie Recommendation time. We rented from Netflix the movie "It's Kind Of A Funny Story" with Zach Galifinakis (I love his humor). It takes place in a mental ward of a hospital. I thought it was excellent. It had just the right amount of humour and seriousness. It looked at the affects of mental illness on family and how they deal with it, whether good or bad. It had the right amount of humor too, enough to make you feel like the characters were real. It showed to different ways people dealt with the mental illness. I really enjoyed it. As my husband said, it had an eightiesesque feel to it.
They had a song sequence with the cast singing the song "Under Pressure" with Queen and David Bowie. It was great. It totally suited the movie. That song totally fits my week and things going on around the world.

I hope you have a great weekend!!

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