Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Question? Do you have a cast iron skillet?

I have recently embarked on making my own pizza's, calzones, and now my friends, cast-iron skillet deep dish pizza. Yes. I came across this recipe on "From Scratch" and followed the link to here.
I wish I had taken pics, but I was just too hungry. I made it a deep dish meat lovers pizza, complete with italian sausage and pepperoni's. It says it's a large pizza. It fed my family of five, but if your planning on serving adults you would probably want to make a couple. So you would want to make two doughs, and double the cooking time if you have only one cast iron skillet.
The cooking time says 18 minutes, but I think I would recommend less. Really check it around 15 minutes.
I have had my cast-iron skillet for awhile now, and I am so excited I used it. I can forsee so many more pizza this way. You get a really good crust, which I love

I made my lentil soup the other day, and I'm proud to say, it turned out really tastey. I would like an extra kick though. We used to have a favorite lebanese place that we went to, and there was something in there that gave it a spicey kick. I swear it was a green onion. I may try this next time. This soup really makes good leftovers. With a nice crusty bread, it is perfect.
Here's the recipe.

I added my pic at the top of Danbo enjoying his cigars. I recently bought this set , it is an Orcara. I haven't bought these before, but I thought it was really well made, and the detail is good too.

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. When the weather cools down I am going to try your lentil soup recipe but alas I can't make the pizza because I don't have a cast iron husband is an ace pizza maker, very messy though...he loves to spread that flour around!