Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Middle of the Week.. Yay!

We have been having some rainy days around here. Which means , I'm not motivated to do much. I want to get in a nice comfy blanket and read or watch t.v. I think that we need that sometimes. A blanket, a good book, or show, and well, maybe throw in some chocolate or your favorite snack.
I have been doing my dollhouse research as of recently. I just got it in the mail today, and I couldn't be more excited. They are made by Hobby Builders Supply and they are kits to make your own duplex's.

I also got a side by side as well. I can't wait to customize each room. I was thinking recently about why I love dollhouses and miniatures so much, and it came to me. As a little kid I thought for sure I would be an architect. I would plan out houses on paper, drawing everything that would be in each room. I loved it. But then one fateful day I realized that I would have to be somewhat good at math. Waah, waah! Debbie Downer huh? So I went a different route. Doing it for a hobby would be okay. I built my first dollhouse in eighth grade, and have loved them ever since. I can't wait to get to work on these. I am planning out the paint, which I thihk I'll go with white, because it will photograph well, and then I can customize with wall paper and all. Okay, I'm getting a little excited. I will have to share the process. I have already ordered some furnitures, and I can't wait to continue the process. I plan on making some of my own tables and such.

I took a pic of the lawn gnome animals I had bought awhile back.

Have a happy Wednesday. I'm off to play ping pong on the kitchen table ;)


  1. Fun! I got my childhood dollhouse from my folks a while back. My dad built it for me, so special. Right now we are playing with it as is but can't wait to remodel and decorate! Please do post your progress!

  2. That will be something to treasure!