Friday, March 4, 2011

A Few Friday Things... One Involving Cats

I got my Warby Parkers in the mail, the Colton with whiskey tortoise color. Yes, they are quite amazing!!! I highly recommend this company. They even gave me an extra 10% off because they took a bit longer to get my try-ons to me. Amazing!

Okay this commercial that Elycia blogged about, simply made my day on so many levels. The one cat is even cross-stitching a cat. It can't get any better than this!!

I was checking about Modcloth this morning (I always hear so much about their clothes, yes they are awesome!) when I came across this sweater. Cross-stitch pattern, love!

My husband and son are going to a vintage arcade show this weekend. You pay ten dollars and get to play all the old arcade style games, and even ones from the old systems such as Nintendo. My son is so thrilled. It will be a fun daddy and son day!

Sorry for all the videos, but I have been waiting for someone to post this Travelers insurance commerical with what look like Playmobil people. We love Playmobil around here, and this is just super cute!!

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