Sunday, March 6, 2011

Calzones and Why I Enjoy Cooking at Home

I had a mini pizza parlor going on on Friday night. My husband thought I was crazy, in a good way. I made pizza's and calzones. I just couldn't resist. The last time I made my own pizza I want to try my hand at calzones. The key to a delicious one, is making your own dough. It really is so simple, and just delicious. You can make it thin crust, deep dish, or whatever your fancy. Friday I wanted to try my hand at calzones. I love ricotta cheese, and most calzones have it as their main filling.
I put sausauge, pepperoni, ricotta, parmisan, and a pizza cheese mix. You
really can make it anyway you like it. Even a vegan version would be easy.
This was another of Emeril Lagasse's recipes. I used his method on making the dough, and the rising times, but I pretty much did my own filling combination.
While was on a dough making kick, I even went ahead and made cinnamon rolls for the morning. Once I get going sometimes I can't stop myself.
I have to say I believe I have really gotten into cooking at home for several reasons. Number one, it saves money. With a family of five, its not very cheap to got out. Number two I usually find some of the meals I eat out to be quite lack luster. I never get things quite like I like them, and then I'm bummed that I spent so much. Number three, I have actually enjoyed learning how easy it is to make things myself. As a person who knew absolutely nothing about cooking when I first got married, to making my own calzones, well, I'm quite astonished. Really, some of the stuff my husband ate at first. But he took it with stride and had hopes that it would get better ;)
The one thing that I found quite hard when I first started cooking was timing. How to make things ahead, or what order to cook things so that my chicken wasn't sitting an hour before the sides were done. That was quite hard. But once I figured it out, I ran with it. Having a daughter with alot of food allergies also pushed me to make my own baked goods as well.
With the help of the internet, family, and the faces that enjoy my homeade food, it has been my motivation.
Wow, this post took on a whole different twist than what I expected ;)
Have a great Sunday. If you ever make anything I recommend, seriously I would love to hear about it, or see pics ;)

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  1. Sounds a lot like my cooking history. The huz and I ate a lot of hotdogs when we first married. Ick! Now I know my way around a kitchen and baking breads and doughs is by far the most fun for me. Yummy looking calzones!