Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Okay, You So Have To Make This!!!

It seems my meals have gotten into a bit of a rut as of recently. You know how you have few staples you make for dinner, and while their good, they kind of get overused. It's just easy sometimes. Usually every week we have tacos, but in order to make them a bit different I will do a different meat to switch things up. Or do enchiladas. Now that the weather is changing a bit I am trying to come up with ideas to not turn the stove on as well. Okay, enough rambling on, I made the most amazing indian chicken curry dish! I have been wanting to find a good curry for sometime now, but I tryed awhile ago and haven'nt tried again. So as usual I searched them web, read reviews, until I landed on Tyler Florence's recipce. We used to always watch his show when we had cable, and he would make the most amazing meals. This recipe did not dissappoint. Here is the link!
Serve this with some pita bread and over basmati rice, and your wildest dreams of curry with come true. Okay, maybe not. Okay , I did make some minor changes to the way I made this.
I didn't do his whole ghee procedure, I simply melted butter and cooked my onion and garlic, and I added powdered ginger because it was too pricey.

Next thing I changed was I used a store bought curry powder, I didn't make my own.
Next I didnt' use fresh tomatoes, although they would have been just as amazing, I bought a can of whole tomatoes and chopped them myself.

I served mine over Basmati rice. A must. I love the aroma of this rice too.

Another thing I did different is, I cooked a whole chicken, because I seriously love the flavors that come from cooking a chicken rather than the chicken breasts. The chicken seperates better and has a hearty taste. So with that, I didnt' cook my chicken raw in the sauce. This is a time saver if you cook it before hand. All these things simply saved me time. Except for cooking the whole chicken, thats optional. My husband took the leftovers to work today, jealous. There was only enough for one extra serving. Later this week we are supposed to get some cooler weather. I have been really wanting lentil soup, I know why didn't I make this when it was colder, but I really want lentil soup. I found a really good lebanese recipe that I will let you know how it turns out.

Okay, I have some crazy kids to wrangle up. Have a great Wednesday!

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