Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week, where have you gone?

It seems this week has gotten away from me.
Last night we watched the original "Alice in Wonderland" from 1951. I had not seen it since I was a little girl. It was just as magical and pretty as I remembered. I think everyone can relate to alice. We are in search for the white rabbit. The journey comes with many twists and turns(weird at times), only to lead you right back home. I love that about the movie.
Speaking of life I am going to be 30 tommorrow. Have I mentioned this before today? ;)
Anyways, in loo of this momentous day I want to share by having a special giveaway!
Be sure to visit!
And I really like this song alot. I heard it last night while listening to Pandora. They are the Ranconteurs, and I just realized the lead singer is Jack White form the "White Stripes." Enjoy!

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