Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We bought a couple of new games for our Nintendo the other day, yes I did say Nintendo, the original. My husband picked up "Balloon Fight." This game is addicting.

Last night we watched "Monty Python" the documentary. It was so good! The behind the scenes story of how each actor grew up, how they met each other, and the dynamics of their humor. We watched it free on netflix download. Check it out if you have netflix.

My husband takes some of the most amazing pics with his iphone. Check these out. We took them on the ohio river by the dam. You can walk out onto the rocks. It was a nice cool fall evening, and the sunset was perfect!

I have been trying to soak up this fall weather we have been having. It's quite amazing. I love fall. I have been wearing my lace up boots, they are comfy. I have been trying to get a consignment order done, so I missed yesterday blogging to get a bunch done. Well have a great Wednesday!!


  1. J loves balloon fight :) I love the photos your husband took, they are gorgeous x

  2. with iphone? theyre amazing! :) xx