Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lists...Do You Like To Make Lists?

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List #1
Things I Have Been Up To:
1. Cross-Stitching like mad and working on some fun designs that I plan on putting in my shop
2. Working on sewing my dress for the wedding. (sleeve cuffs complete)
3. Reading "The Borrowers" along with my son for his school "fun" reading. ( I have to say I absolutely love the borrowers. I think it is because I'm a bit obsessed with miniatures).
4. I have been reading "Anne of Green Gables" along with the "Meet Me At Mikes" book club.
5. Planning out my fall activities
a. Going to the pumpkin patch
b. Going to the zoo
c. I really want to go apple picking, but the family seems to think that sounds boring, so not sure that's going to happen
d. Making apple turnovers
e. I want to wear my boots and moccasins and tights. This is a personal style goal. I tend to get stuck in my jeans and t-shirt all too often.

List #2
Things I want to accomplish:
1. Visit another country. (I have never left the U.S.)
2. I want to learn to crochet and knit. (I say this every year, but I must)
3. Start doing watercolor paintings. I love love love watercolors.
4. Learn how to make my own sushi rolls. I do mostly cooked but I want to make my own.

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5. Start making PDF embroidery patterns.
6. Learn how to play an instrument. My husband plays like a ton, so I have a teacher that could teach me almost anything.

Do you have anything that you have always wanted to learn? What things are you working on?
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. thats a bloody good list :) I LOVE making lists! I did get a bit ocd about it for a while but I'm better now. Its just nice to set your goals out in front of you, no matter how short term or long term they are. Your list is eclectic and interesting! You'll need to let us know as you start crossing stuff off :) xx

  2. Yes I will do a little checklist! Now to get started.