Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wake Me Up....

pic via weheartit

It's already the middle of the week, yeah, but I am pooped out.. I have big batch of pictures to get done, my dress to get sewing, and work on some new pieces for my shop. Whew... Anybody else tired?

Today we went bowling and had a blast. They had this funny little ramp for my daugher to put her ball on and roll off of it down the lane. I had never seen one before, it was crazy cool!

pic via weheartit

And have you seen this book! I absolutley love it. I love the fall and all of this halloween projects look so fun! I would just buy it to look at the pictures. And one of my favorite crafters "Pin Pals" is featured with their lovely cross-stitch pins! You can find it here, but it looks like they are out of stock.

Okay its just about time to make some dinner! Have a great Wednesday!

You can find it here.

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