Sunday, September 26, 2010

"An apple turnover a day keeps the doctor away." thats how it goes right?

We are having some beautiful fall weather today, so I decided it was apple turnover day! I love these. I use pre-made pie crust sometimes, and they end up having a nice flaky finish. I have made my own pie crust in the past, but I wasn't into it this time. They turned out super delicious!

We went to the zoo yesterday, and had a fun time. We went early when they opened and there was a nice cool crisp breeze in the air. I packed a nice lunch and we enjoyed it in between seeing the meerkats and monkeys. They have a carousel there too. I don't remember the last time I had been on it, but the girls were more than thrilled to take a ride. My son said it was a girl ride, so he opted out and waved as we went by (he's such a boy, I love that about him!)

My husband and youngest having a blast!
Well I'm off! Have a great day!

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