Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun things around the web

I have been organizing a bit in my craft area. I love finding little vintage pieces to use for organizing. Etsy is the best place for these sorts of things. I bought 7 of these little tins from
"Tara's Vintage Kitchen"
Super cute vintage finds. I love putting all my little in's and odds's in them.

When Goodwilling the other week I found this cute yellow lazy susan to place all my little tins on , and for small item storage on my craft desk.

Well, if their is one thing that I just can't get enough of , it is Kawaii Cute things. Whilst surfing etsy suggestions for my shop (by the way, love!) I came across "NothingElegant." Her shop is super fun. Check out these super sweet memo pads. I used to collect as a girl all different types of memo pads.

Danielle over at "Thompson Family" shared a super cute shop that sell the most awesome kawaii kits.
The "Wu & Wu" shop.

The best part is, is that it is a company that ships out of Chicago. No long waits. Really check out their change purses too. I can see buying these little kits for Christmas this year.

If you are fan of Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine, Science of Sleep) I came across his short film on demand called "Tokyo -Interior Design" It is a film of three short films, but Michel Gondry's is "Interior Design." Absolutely intriguing, funny, yet left you with something to think about. I suppose all of his films do. If you have chance check it out.

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  1. Those kawaii kits are fantastic! Hope you are having a great weekend xx