Monday, May 17, 2010


I came across Danbo recentlty on flickr from on of my flickr friends. I can't get enough how expressive Danbo can be just by his movements. I mean he is a box character. I have to have a Danbo soon. I have found a
seller from the U.K. which has really great prices for little Danbo. This may be my next frivolous buy. I am still saving up however, for a dollhouse. I want to build my own I have decided, so that I can customize it myself. I plan on making the "Brookwood" made by Greanleaf, and switching around the pieces. And making it much like the one in the this picture.

I can't wait. Building something, or sewing something feel much the same to me. Each piece is much like a puzzle, and it is so much putting them together. I hope to get some finishing touches done this week to my pieces and have them in the shop,knock on wood, by the end of the week. I am ready to make some clothes by golly (Did I just say golly?) Anyway, off to my day!

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