Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Week Of Sorts

This week I took the kids to the Frazier History Musuem. They are featuring a pirate theme, which the kids were thrilled about. I have been teaching through vikings, knights, and pirates this year with my son, so this was very exciting to see it come to life. They had a treasure map hunt, that was so fun. We packed a lunch and took our time looking at swords, boats,and armours.

I finished the detail on my magician bunny. I have to say, I believe he is my all time fave of the series. His little furry face is my favorite part.

I love these shoes. They have them in black and white as well. They would look so funky with some rolled up jeans. I also love the saddle show love that is popping up everywhere. As a little girl I always wanted saddle shoes.

We are rapping up the school year this week. I am looking forward for some relaxed time and a little more crafty time in the mornings. Just enjoying the warm weather in the backyard with a schedule brings much excitement. Oh and yes, I am looking forward to getting my "Danbo" in the mail. Yes, I splurged and bought one. Silly, I know, but .... This week at the thriftstore I found the coolest "lazy susan" for my desk so that I can spin all my little crafty ins and odds. I will take a pic tommorrow. Okay, off to relax!

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