Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunny Day

It has been quite the sunny day. And I' m not complaining. I love waking up to a sunny day. It puts me in a better mood, and I feel like I'm more inspired to get things done. Some things that I have really been liking lately are, and have been consuming alot of

I'm lovin' the lemon lime Crysal light. I like the "no artificial sweetners" too. Now I will have the articial on occassion (phenalanine) but I don't want to consume too much.

We have been consuming a whole mess of sunflower seeds lately. They are good for you with the Vitamin E. We are a nut free home here, so these are the next best thing for snacking.

I love these sandals from "Urban Outfitters." I love flat sandals,but the touch I love the most is the preppy little tassel, and I love brown sandals.

We are going to visit family this weekend, and I am super excited. We don't live immediatly by anyone, two hours or more away, so it is a real treat to seem some fam. It does sometimes feel like we are out on an island with no one around at times not seeing family but a few times a year. We live in a town where alot of people are here for a few years (college) and then they move on. So that kind of makes it hard to make permanent friends in town. Bummer. I hope to one day start a crafting group of some sort to meet new friends. I'm kind of an introvert at times, and having three kids, makes it a bit hard to make new friends. Wow, hopefully I dont' sound too depressing. Just stuff I'm thinking about. Well, have a sun shiny day!


  1. I think a crafting group sounds like a great plan.

    I always think I'll start creating great things and buy a ton of supplies but I never start. A group would make it easier to start and share my supplies.

    You should do it.

  2. A crafting group sounds great i would love to do something like that. Alot of my friends arn't into crafts and are very busy, it would be lovely to craft with other people xx

  3. You guys are so encouraging. I need to get my ideas together and see about starting something.