Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long Week My Friends

I have had one of those weeks. You know what I mean. Just a 'week.' I was under the weather with some sort of flu, then my husband had a meeting to be out of town for (I think the kids have a "act as crazy a possible" clause when they know he'll be gone all day), then my poor husband got food poisioning and was ill all day friday. It was l-o-n-g! Needless to say, I'm still alive. I made it.
I forced myself to make sometime for my hobby in the evening. It is my time to get lost and enjoy my toys. I finished working on my little entertainment cabinet.

I also took some morning shots with some natural light. I have been wanting to take some shots with the upstairs of the room box. It has a really pretty picture window and then a circle window on the side. I have so many more plans for these rooms, but alas it takes time. I have to say, which I've said before, the whole process is very enjoyable and relaxing.

I think that the whole world would be a better place too if we took a ride on the gravy rainbow every once in awhile.

My husband shared this video with me, and the song is so catchey!
Have a great Saturday!


  1. I'm glad you made it through the week Jenny...I hope the one ahead is easier (and healthier!) for you and your family.
    O M Goodness! that little entertainment cabinet is incredible! You are so clever! Wow!
    This dolls house of yours is a work of art, what a great hobby. Does it tempt you to make "proper" furniture?

  2. Aw thank you so much Kylie!
    Thank you for the compliment on my dollhouse! It's fun to work in mini, I'm not sure I have the brain power to work on a larger scale ;)
    But it would be pretty cool!