Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday, What What

I'm happy to report, we have had a normal week this week. The week started off great. When I woke on Monday, checking my email as I normally do with my cup of coffee, I get my Craft Daily, and started reading the weekly roundup, when I was so excited to see my little entertainment center I made. How sweet of them to post it.
Here's the link. It made my morning.
I made a little breakfast nook over the weekend as well. We had a rainiy weekend and it was the perfect day to fiddle with my minis.

If you notice on the table it is a mini "laughing cow" cheese. They call theirs bull, funny. I had to have this when I saw it, it's made by megahouse. I love those little cheese's so naturally I was thrilled to get it. They each come out individually as well.
My little table and stools were a quick little make. I did them super basic, with just the natural wood. I thought about painting the stools, but I kind of like them natural wood.
I almost couldn't believe as well that a local shop "Hey Tiger" that sells my embroidery, the sweet owner emailed me and told me that someone came in and bought four of my pictures! Whoa! I literally had just made a batch and dropped them off the day before! I am hoping this summer I can get the wheels a turning again and come up with some new ideas. I have some that I have been rolling around in my brain, but just haven't had the time to work on as of yet.
My husband and I have been wanting to start silk screening some pictures this summer. We have been keeping a running list of ideas we have come up with. He has a funny creative side that comes up with the best ideas. With big projects such as these, he has a way of problem solving thinking that I just don't have, so I love it when he can help me figure out the kincks. One summer a few years ago we worked on making sock monkeys together, and we had such a good time. I really enjoy working on fun projects together.
Have a great day!!

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