Friday, May 6, 2011


I recently got my own iphone , and I really do love it, especially for just quick checking for emails, blogs, and googles. I do love the picture quality as well. I will have to start taking and posting pics from my phone. Do you have one?

Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo. Its a holiday recognizing Mexican pride and heritage. In celebration last night we went to our fave little mexican family owned taco place, "Luna's." I have to say, they are amazing. We got our fave tacos, with pork, and the kids did a half chicken meal, complete with rice, amazing beans, and their delicious corn tortillas. The make the most amazing mole sauce on the planet.

This weekend is Derby weekend. While I have never been to the races, I have been to Churchill Downs for a tour. If your out and about you may spot a celeb or two at the eateries. We spotted "Mr. Peterman" from Seinfeild a couple of years ago. You have to have a mint julip I suppose as well ;)

On the topic of cameras, I have been on the hunt for some small scale ones. I recently got a Pentax one in pink and blue, but it's quite large. But I did come across a set of cameras that are a decent size, they are keychains, which I would modify.

Pretty sweet, huh?
I love the mini holga's as well!

I'm hoping to start doing some garage saling here soon, now that the season has officially started. My husband is in search of a bike. He has started biking to work. The great part is that when we bought our house when intentionally looked close to where he worked so that he easily ride his moped and now bike. With gas prices, it really is the economical thing to do.

Have a great Friday!

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