Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Movies

We had a sorta movie weekend where we didn't feel like doing anything. Our Friday night we decided it was 80's night and we watched "Lost Boys." I remember seeing this when I was younger. I like it just the same, except for the gruesome parts, ugh(but they are vampires). I'm not one for horror movies at all, but this one is a bit cheesy, so I can do with that.
Saturday night we decided we would watch the movie "Once." I have talked about this one before, we have seen it, but haven't watched since we bought it on dvd. I love it so much. You find yourself singing or humming along through most of the movie.

Okay and I just have to talk about the movie documentary coming out about Joaquin Phoenix called " I'm still here." I am so intrigued by the preview. I love documentaries but this preview leaves you puzzled and wanting to see more. I can't wait to see this.


  1. I LOVE the lost boys :) and 80's films in general. Have you seen drop dead fred or point break? theyre another few of my faves. I will need to check out once, looks awesome xx

  2. Yes we have alot of eighties movies. I totally remember watching "drop dead fred." It was weird and entertaining;) I don't think I have seen point break, i'll have to check it out soon.