Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Middle of the Week Music

I love listening to music when I am running, crafting, or even just cooking in the kitchen. One band (Sam Beam) I have liked for some time is "Iron and Wine." My husband saw them live, and I have their t-shirt, close enough huh? Anyways , check out this video that was made on an elevator, a part of a series that records artists on an elevator.

Cool idea, yeah?
I thought I would throw in some of my fave finds on Etsy as of recent.
I have talked about "the pinpals" before and all their amazing cross stitch and artwork, but check out these wonderful necklaces!

I'm loving these vintage animal inspired pillows by "Vintage Jane."

I'm loving these new crochet necklaces by "Blue Bird Vintage."

Have a great Wednesday!

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