Thursday, August 26, 2010


This summer I feel like I have really gotten just lazy and out of my routine. Which can be a good thing, I mean I did let myself do alot of relaxing this summer, but... I need to get back on a schedule next week. I start teaching my kiddos on Monday, and I need to get more subjects in , and start teaching my second little one. I started at ten last year, but this year we need to start at nine. This means, yes, going to bed a heck of alot earlier. I mean there are nights where I don't go to bed until 1:00 a.m. and then I'm dragging myself out of bed. I really want to start going to bed no later then 11 and being up by 7. This is hard for me, because I'm not a morning person. But in order to start by 9, I got to get myself going. You see, I cannot concentrate until my house is clean. And I don't feel myself until I have exercised. So I need to fit those in before school. I used to be good way back when, before kids, to get myself to bed at a good time so that I could work in the morning. Well when I started having kiddos, and I was up all different hours of the night, I got used to being up late, and it has stuck like this for 7 years. Now I must finally kick the late night train.
So I haven't shown any Etsy love in awhile so here we go.

I love , love this adorable "Rabbit Purse" by Scotatto.
Check out these adorable prints by Blancucha's. I love the colors and the sixties feel to the pieces.

This next etsian I discovered over on Flickr, and her outfit re-do's are amazing, not to mention her pics and color choices are ace. Check out "Young Captive."

And I would feel so cool with these pencils from

Well I'm off! Have a super Thursday!

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  1. Oh good luck gettin' back to norm. I have been weaning myself off of the late-nites too. Not easy...