Monday, August 30, 2010

Cleaning out the cupboards and experiments...

I did some cleaning out of the cupboards this weekend, it was a disaster in there. So I realized it was time. While I was cleaning I found a whole stash of vintage cups I had collected when I lived in California. I used to find the best little dishes when I live in Orange. Most of my dish sets I found when I lived there. So I decided I would take some pics of the. I sat them on one of my gingham t.v. trays. I also found my vintage porcelain tea cups and saucers. They are my absolute favorite. The are so finely painted. I can't wait to get a vintage hutch or wall cupboard to keep these out for display. I just want to have a fancy little tea party. Maybe when the girls get a little bit older.

Today was my first day back to teaching. Let's just say it was a looonnng day. Just getting used to getting up earlier, getting everyone back into our routine, getting used to noone taking naps, momma's tired. We started Chemistry this year. We decided that our first project would be to make rock candy. My son had so much fun making these. We tinted them a light green. We have slowly watched them crystlize over the day. It takes about a week to get a full stick.
I have so many new projects I'm working on that I can't wait to share once I make the finishing touches. I also am super excited to share a special project I did for my Labrats team. I will share it on my blog once they post it.
Okay I'm going to sit outside and unwind with a Coke Zero. Have a great evening.
Has anyone started any good books? I'm working on Brave New World, and I'm going to start "Anne of Green Gables." How bout you?


  1. Oooo, beautiful dishes and cups and saucers! As for books- I just finished "Ahab's Wife" and just lost myself in it. So good.

    Wishing you a great start this year in teaching and learning. :)

  2. Oh thank you so much Natalie! I will have to check that book out! I hope your move continues to go well. I can't wait to see pics from Alaska!

  3. I love finding old things at the back of the cupboards.