Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Ping Pong" is his name, catching crickets is his game..

I have been wanting to take pics of my son's toad for some time, and today he was in the perfect position for some really cool pictures. He is a "fire-bellied toad." He has the prettiest orangish red belly to scare away all of his predators in the wild. This guy loves his crickets. And he is really good at catching them. My son keeps him on his bookshelf so he can soak in the sun as it comes through the window. Thats all for today!


  1. way hey hey he is such a little cutie! his colouring is so vibrant that it makes him look poisonous!

  2. The crazy part is , is that he actually has a bit of toxin in his skin like poisonous frogs, so we aren't supposed to handle him too much. He really is a pretty little guy though ;)