Friday, October 28, 2011

Snickerdoodles are for Fridays

So I haven't been able to get Snickerdoodles off the brain lately. What are these you ask? Surely you have had one. You may think they are similar to a sugar cookie, but let me tell you , they are oh so much more. I have not been graced with one of these since college, and well, that's been about 10 years, yikes.
Thats too long to go without a snickerdoodle folks.
So I went in search for the most well-loved snickerdoodle recipe. And this one did not disappoint. I usually never cook with vegetable shortening, I'm usually a butter purist. But for these, I felt that I must enter over. And I am glad I did.
I used this recipe.

When I came across this recipe by "Joy the Baker" I could not resist.
I a potato in many forms is good, but I had never made a Hasselback potato. Not to be confused with a Hasselhoff potato. They might get drunk and eat a cheeseburger. and we wouldn't want any of that here ;)
This potato has it all. Garlic, butter, salt, and olive oil. You can probably find all of these in your kitchen. Uhhmazing.

We had them with breaded pork chops, french style green beans, and apricot jam. I works at the perfect side, or on it's own!

I can't believe Halloween is on Monday. The kids wanted specific costumes this year so , I let them do just that. We have Mario from mario brothers game, Thomas the tank engine, and Batgirl.
I think on the list is pumpkin carving and apple turnovers for the weekend.
Have a great Friday!

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