Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm still here

I am so excited that fall is here. We have been going full swing lately. We had marked off apple picking on our list of to-do's for the fall, next will be pumpkin picking. We have really been having some nice cool weather. Perfect for boots, jackets, and leggings. Love it.
I have been cooking up a storm. Last week I made garlic naan bread for the first time. I almost couldn't believe how simple it could be.

I used this recipe. You have to use a cast iron skillet!
The week before last I made my fave Chicken Pot Pie. You can't go wrong with making your own crust. Simple and fast. I use the Betty Crocker cookbook for both the pie and the crust. Total comfort food!

As a miniature enthusiast I was really thrilled when I heard about the wonderful contest by Emily Henderson from "Secrets from a Stylist." It is a contest to design the most amazing dollhouse. You are the giant in a miniature world. I have already started building what I call a flea market enthusiast, city living couple. They live the city live in a small two room apartment. I have been sketching out what I have invisioned. I hope to build most of it myself. Except for some few minor detail I will have to buy. I can't wait.
I am on the hunt for a bunch of low-carb dinners this week. One of the list is some homeade Tomato Soup. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some campbell's soup, but fresh sounds even better to me!
I hope to make some carmel apples this week as well. We have to skip on the nuts due to allergies, but I may try something out with sunflower seeds.
I have been getting the itch to get working again on cross-stitch and embroidery again. I needed to take a break for a bit to just adjust to the school year and such. It has been nice to think about things that don't have pressure associated, like orders that have to go out. I want to make some holiday items, so that is on the list, but I also have some ideas for embroidery that I would love to try.
Have a great day!

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