Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall into Fall

The weather has been heavenly lately. I've been trying to enjoy it in between teaching, sewing christmas items for my shop, embroidering, cooking, and being a mommy and wife. We plan on a pumpkin field trip this friday with our friends.

We had a really fun weekend, in which we started on Friday by traveling to Indi to visit the Carter's Toy Musuem. Really alot of fun for the kids, complete with a carousel, bumper cars, and tons and tons of coin rides.
The kids had a blast checking out all the cases and cases of toys.

We also did a bit of shopping. We needed to gear up for the season's changing.

Okay, half my post was deleted, bummer!
I will re-write it, some of it ;(
I was sharing how I came across the most amazing food blog the other day called "Joy the Baker." The recipes are endless, and her humor I love as well

I have cheddar broccoli soup on the menu this week. I have to say dinner is one of my fave meals of the day. I tend to splurge as far as calories and fat go. I am not a breakfast eater, just coffee. Lunch is my least fave meal of the day. I tend to eat tuna or deli chicken with hummus and veggies. Snacks usually consist of cheese, sunflower seeds, and a few pretzels here and there. Then my time to shine is dinner time.
Over the past year my husband and I have successfully weaned ourselves off of sugary drinks. I used to drink full sugar soda, juice, and eek I hate to say it, Kool-Aid (one of my childhood faves). And now I have worked my way off of diet sodas and drinks. I am now simply doing a lemon flavored stevia drink. It took us a little over a year to do it, but we are proud they we have slowly done it.
Next on the list is to grind my own grains for bread. I want to have the organic grains freshly ground for each loaf. I planning on hunting for a grinder near the holidays.
I have been trying to simplify the look of my blog today. I need to do some work on my header. I want just a simple font. Still trying to decide on it.

Okay now that I wrote this twice :0 I plan on crawling under a blanket and watching some Netflix. The added Wonder Years! One of my fave shows as a teen!!!


  1. Oh I have been waiting for the day that Wonder Years would appear. Yes! Blog looks great. Have a good day!

  2. I know, i love how light hearted and relatable the characters were.
    Thanks for stopping by!