Monday, November 29, 2010


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We had such an relaxing weekend. We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Ohio, getting to see all my little nephews and neice. We did Christmas decorating yesterday. I may take some pics of a tour of the house for the holidays. I am a bit obessed with little tinsel trees. I have a green, blue, and silver. I just love to see them sparkle. I love snowmen too. I have acquired quite a collection, much do to my in-laws feeding this obsession ;) I think my two fave things to decorate with is trees and snowmen, how bout you? I think it would be fun to do icicles on the tree. Even though they can be quite messy, the remind me of being a kid.
I have to say for some reason or other as soon as December was nearing I got quite tense. I am finishing up some stockings for a consignment order, and busy making stockings for my shop , and I think I'm feeling overwhelmed. As a mother to three little ones, they are at the age where Christmas is magical and the excitement is evident. I don't want to be a scrooge because of all the things I have to do. Quite frankly I don't need to make stockings and sell them, but I like to, but I think I get in over my head, thus, creating a stressed out mommy.
As I write this, my son is wearing a santa hat, pushing a toy cart that is to be a sled for Santa. The joy and thrill of anticipating Christmas is in the air.
I need to sit back and take it in.
Have a great Monday!

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