Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well Hello...

Today has been a busy day, just normal mommy stuffs. Today we made a kaleidescope. I want to find one of the types I had as a kid. Ours are pretty homeade, but the kids were just excited that we made them.
I have been working on a more funny cross stitch picture that has something to do with brass knuckles. Whilst searching images for what they look like I came across these.

found here
You have to check all the other uses for brass knuckles on this sight, it's quite funny. I thought the grass was nice and subdued, for brass knuckles sake.

Oh my goodness, did you watch the Grover commercial making fun of the "Old Spice" commercial, it makes me laugh everytime. He is telling how to smell like a monster.

Grover is one of my favorites. We watch alot of Sesame Street around here.

This has long sort of day. I'm ready to relax. We may watch "Bride of Frankenstein." I am trying to get alot of the old, and new I haven't seen, scary movies for the month of October. I have my decorations sitting in a pile ready to put up for halloween. This week I hope to start planning out the girls costumes.

Okay, well have a great Tuesday, what is left of it.

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