Thursday, October 14, 2010


Photo from "Style Rookie."

Have you ever read "Style Rookie."
Tavi is an amazing teenager with the fashion world at her finger tips. She blogs about fashion, wears fashion from top designers, and has the most amazing blogging skills. I have known about her for a couple of years not, and I almost cannot believe how successful she has become, well, I can believe it, she's brilliant!
I was checking out her blog today when I was struck with the most amazing leggings by "Romance Is Born." They are afghan printed leggings, amazing!
I'm almost cannot believe these exist. Crazy cool. Now if only I could get clothing from a designer ;p
I was shopping for some nail polish the other day for the wedding, when I came across Rimmel London Slate Grey. I love this color. I still need to take a pic of the polish. I check the web , but couldn't find a good one. If you like grey or just something diffrent check it out. I also want to try a brown next. It is a dark brown color. The Rimmel is nice and thick and inexpensive.
I can't believe it's almost Thursday. It have felt like I have needed alot of days to unwind from driving over the weekend.
This weekend we plan on heading to the pumpkin patch. We are going to be having the most perfect weather this weekend. A perfect 72 degrees. I can't wait.
Have a great Thursday!


  1. Thanks I remember hearing about her, I shall go and have a peek!

  2. Wow! Those leggings are amazing.