Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"I Have All Kinds A Deeas..." quote from my daughter.

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Do you have all kinds of ideas? I think it is about time that I get an idea book going. I get so many things in my head that I have to keep a mental list of the ideas. So many ideas, so little time. Now I will have to make time for an idea book;)
It is so important to have that time of creativity, time to be yourself, time to let you mind get lost in something, especially as a mommy. I find myself getting irritable when I haven't had time to create. I try to have that time at bedtime usually or when I get a break in the middle of the day. It really works as a natural stress reliever for me. I had a conversation this morning with my son about this very thing. He loves legos, he's 7 years old. Sometimes if he can't find the right pieces or a creation is becoming quite frustrating he gets overwhelmed, as most of us do. But he told me, " I really like doing it alot though." I told him sometimes if our hobby gets overwhelming we need to step back and realize, this is a hobby, something we do for fun, when we start making it stressful, then it isn't fun anymore. That is the way I look at sewing, or my shop, or coming up with an idea. If I put too much pressure on myself, where has all the fun gone. I can always take a break for a bit, and come back to it with even more zeal and excitement to make it work. With three kids, things can't always be perfect, my ideas may take way longer to create, but nevertheless, they are still my ideas, and I can take joy in one day making them.
I plan on making my daughters costumes here in the next couple of weeks. My 2 year old decided that she wanted to be "Supa-woman" as she says. I can't wait to see her in it. My four year old wants to be Snow White, she loves princesses. There fabrics end up being the same color scheme, crazy. I plan on just winging it as far as patterns go, I don't think these will be that hard to figure out.
Have a super Tuesday!

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  1. Haha aww, your little girl is super cute :) I write lots of lists about a million different things... things I want to do, places I want to visit, items I want to make! I suppose thats ideas? :) xx