Monday, October 19, 2009

Thriftstore Jackpot

Thriftstore Jackpot
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I was so excited to find these vintage McCall's craft magazines for 50 cents each at the thriftstore. I had drooled over flickr member, doe-c-does wonderful collection, and dreamed of finding these myself. Alas, I did and I can't wait to stare at these for hours. I will have to share if I end up making some vintage inspired gifts out of these. They are in such wonderful condition. I love to collect vintage of any kind. I have drawers of old vintage patterns which I need to share. I have various other magazines that I have found. I loved how they made so many wonderful magazines with such in depth projects. The colors are so fun to look at. The vintage knitting magazine I found from 1958 has the best poses for the models. Whomever owned these must have kept them in a box because they are in great condition. I plan on putting the knitting one in my shop because I know their are fellow crafters who might enjoy this more than I might, not being a knitter quite yet. Well I must go!

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