Friday, October 16, 2009

Costume Making

Wow! Fall has finally arrived with pumpkins, spooky halloween decorations, costumes, candy, bonfires. I have been in the process of costume making. Cupcakes are the order this year. My daughter is so petite that I have to keep modifying my original pattern. I thought I was completed but now need to do some tweeking. It has been fun making and I plan on posting pictures as soon as its not falling off her shoulders. I decided to use felt so that it would give a bulkier stiffness and warmth for the cool fall night. I have been very much inspired by the pottery barn kids catalogue. I notice they go for a homeade look which I love being a crafter, but not so much the cost of each item. I can make a costume for a about five dollars or maybe less. I recently was looking at costumes at retail stores and was blown away at how much they were charging! Forty to Fifty dollars for a costume that looks like it would rip the first time a kid falls (which happens quite often). No way! I will make my own, and have fun doing so. Now my son is not so interested in mommy making his, but we did find a better alternative. Star Wars is always the one he wants but forty-five dollars wasn't going to cut it, so we looked in the toy aisles and much to our excitement you could buy various other superhero costumes for play for only ten dollars! Thats more like it, and the quality was even better. With three little one's forty dollars each for halloween just isn't an option. So we make it work, and make sure everyone is satisfied, and they usually are. Okay if you haven't checked out Grosgrain Fabulous this week, do so. She has made a queen of hearts costume for her daughter and it is simply amazing. And they best part is, is that you have a chance to win it. She really went all out, amazing sewing skills and design. She made it without a pattern as well. I hope to make a pdf of how I made my daughters costume if I can get that together in time for halloween. I made fruit to go on the top so I definitly want to share how easy it is to make. Have a wonderful day!

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