Friday, December 17, 2010

Okay its almost time...

I can't believe that Christmas is in like a week! No way! I am relieved I just have one more gift to finish, and I'll be shipping them all out tommorrow. Whew! Now to make those Christmas decorations I've been talking about all month. No pressure.
I got a couple of my Christmas gifts early. I bought, what it called a "cozy mystery' called "The Quick and the Thread" by Amanda Lee. It is a crafty themed mystery. Okay before you think this sounds old ladyish, it totally is not, and is the perfect book to sit on the couch and relax on a winter evening. I highly recommend for a fun winter read!
I also got " The Crafty Marketplace" by Kari Chapin. I am really excited to dive in. I read a bit last night. This book is filled with endless information. I need to take notes. I think there are alot of things I didn't think through before I started selling my work, and I think this book is going to get me on the right track.

My wonderfully cute and sweet husband sent me this song this morning. It reminded me of when we first met. We love anything old, and have enjoyed such things since the beginning of our relationship. We would spend our afternoons after classes looking through some of the best antique shops in the country. We went to college in Springfield, MO, yes, where the wonderful Elsie from " A Beautiful Mess" runs "The Red Velvet Shop." It really is the best area for those sorts of things.
We found so many treasures that we still have today. Such good memories.

Oh yes we bought a Bialetti Moka Express to make some espresso. Were moving up in our caffeinne needs ;)I have to say I have been quite pleased. My husband was one of the best baristas in Southern California. He knows what he's doing. We keep changing little things to get them quite perfect. Last night they were great!
The Bialetti goes for about 29 dollars. I got mine on sale for 24. Not too bad.
I think you could find a good deal this time of year.

Have a great weekend!

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