Monday, December 20, 2010

All kinds of Christmas

Well I have been catching up on a few things wanted to make this year.

I made a little plaid wreath for my kitchen. I love plaid, and bells. So I incorporated both into my little wreath.

Super easy to make. If you even have an old flannel that is ready to kick the bucket, your set. I had some fabric on hand from a shirt I had made. All you need is
1 Wreath form
Enough plaid to wrap around the form. Cut into about 3 inch strips
5 bells (I strung them on a piece of yarn and then pulled them together into a little berry cluster, knotting the yarn. I then hot-glued them into place.
I then cut 2 leaf shapes and hot glued them on as well.
I then had some green and white rope to attach to my faux window.
There you have it.

I made my Christmas table runner too. I found this fabric that looks like vintage Christmas hankies. I was thrilled. Then I bought some small red trim with white balls on it. I was so excited to make it for my big dining table. It was so super easy too. I didn't add a back. I simply folded the edges and sewed the trim. Whalaa!

We did some candy eating and decorating this morning on our ginger bread house. I worked on making the pieces lastnight. It is a vegan gingerbread house for my daughters allergies. He totally has a face. I didn't realize until I took pics. And the candy canes are the eyebrows.

What is your fave thing to eat around the holidays? We always do a seafood Christmas Eve, complete with oysters and stuffed shrimp. Ooohh I can't wait. I don't think I can get enough gingerbread cookies either.
Have a super Monday!


  1. I love your makes! I could just eat some gingerbread cookies, have a lovely day xx

  2. everythings so cute, i especially love the table runner! for the holidays my family always makes tamales.

  3. Thank you Alexandra! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Hey Sioux! Oooh I love tamales. It's been a long time since I've had a good one. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Such beautiful, homemade touches! Youre always so creative :) I love the gingerbread house, it looks amazing! Haha that wouldnt last very long in my house, I'd have the roof dunked in a cup of tea in an instant ;) I hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas xxx

  5. Aw, your so sweet Ayden ;) You have a very Merry Christmas as well!