Friday, December 10, 2010


Wow, my weeks are quite fast lately. Next week is my last week of stocking orders and I'm ready to get started on some handmade goodness! I would love to do alot of things handmade for my kids, but they have other ideas, I understand, I was a kid once too. All those commerical that make you think you will have the time of your life with that hamster that runs around the house in a car. Yep, they wanted those.
I have plans of making a Christmas table runner( I found the most amazing Christmas fabric), making some little holiday trees, a wreath, personalized stockings of the kids choices (legos and hello kitty sound like the order this year), cross-stitch gifts, of course some gingerbread houses, well the list could go on and on.

Unfortunatley my dreams of making the kids a tent this year doesn't seem
plausable. I'm not sure the space is there. As my daughter says, " Whaa, Whaa, Whaaa." But I did find a pop-up tent that can easily be put away. My husband thinks that sounds more like it ;)

I have my Christmas cards planned out in my head. Lets just say we will have some stand-ins that look quite similar to us.
I love doing something off the wall for our Christmas cards. Last year the front of our card had us with boxes on our head in front of the tree. Maybe some of the family didn't get it,but I like to throw people for a loop. Why not. Keep people wondering ;)

I think I am actually going to learn how to screen print. I have a whole kit that my husband bought me several years ago, still in the box. What ashame I know. But this year I'm going to make it happen. I'm a bit scared, but you know what, I'm gonna just go for it. I have so many funny sayings my husband comes up with( seriously brilliant he is) and sketches, that I think would be perfect for silk screening. I took a class about 12 years ago, and now I can finally use my skills, that I don't remember anymore ;)

What are your wishes for Christmas? Things you want to make, receive, or buy?
Have a great weekend!

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