Friday, January 6, 2012


So, believe or not I have never made a scone before. Crazy I know. So the other week I bought some fresh cranberries and was in search of a recipe to use them when I came across several that I like but settled on testing out Ina Gartens's on food network. The orange glaze really drew me in. With this recipe I would totally go way more heavy on the orange zest. I only had cuties on hand so I opted to use those.
I believe I've only eaten one scone in my life, and I remember them having a hard texture. These, because of the butter you use (cough... 3/4 of a lb. cough) they are softer and more biscuitesque.
One modification I would do, add more cranberries and more orange zest, and then I think that would perfect them. Loved the cranberries for an extra tart taste to accent the savory buttery goodness.
Have a great day!

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