Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baking, Watching, Reading, Collecting

Chocolate Crinkle cookies. I spotted these at Panera. They usually do a mint in theirs, I hear (I have't tried theirs) but I opted for no mint. They are super duper easy to make and the most fluffiest cookies I have ever had.
The recipe I found is here.

This week was my husbands birthday, soo, I made him his fave cake, Carrot Cake. You cannot go wrong with the cream cheese icing.
We have "Cooking Mama" and the kids were making a chiffon cake. I have vaguely heard of these before, but had not realized how cool they really can be.
So I went in hunt of this said "chiffon cake." I found one that is a strawberry lemonade chiffon cake. I plan on making this when the weather calls for a lighter cake. It is all about the eggs and making sure they are nice and fluffy. Not my pic, but the strawberry preserves in the layers, I can't wait!

I am kind of on a baking kick. I love to try different desserts. Lucky for me I have willing participants to be my guinea pigs to eat all these goodies. Not that I don't taste test ;)

I am in the process of working on a new coffee table and couch for my roombox. I think I am thinking of warmer days because I recently ordered some summer re-ment sets. The Rainbow deli avacado dip set and the barbeque grill set.
I have slowly felt my energy levels decline as I have entered my thirties. I used to be able to work on things into the wee hours of the night and pop up on time in the morning. Now I find myself maybe fiddling for about an hour and then I'm ready to crash on the couch with a good book or show.

Speaking of good books, I just finished reading Lisa See's "Dreams of Joy." It was quite sad and intense at times, but it really was very gripping. You really dive into the Chinese culture and history.
We are slowly making our way through "It's Always Sunny.." Umm. funniest show ever. We are on season 4. I couldn't not stop laughing at most of the shows in this season.
If you are a netflix user you totally have to watch "Bill Cunningham New York."
Probably the most intriguing person. He is a fashion street photographer for the New York Times. He seems like such a unlikely character for this job by appearances, but totally on top of his game with what is fashion. Such a great one to watch.

So glad its Thursday! Ready for the weekend ;)

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