Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wow, long time

This season has been busy busy. In between family visits, colds, a whole mess a baking, I've been too pooped to post. I have been doing a whole mess of baking, which I love having an excuse to do. I could bake all day if my kids didn't need to eat and be cleaned ;)
This week has officially started our winter break. Yeah! I am trying to figure out the specs for a snoopy dog house for our gingerbread house. Just need to do some measuring and such. I felt like I was getting a cavity just looking at the candy in the shopping cart that I bought to decorate with. Candy canes, skittles, dots, pull and peel licrorce, oh my!
I have some cranberry scones that I'm wanting to make this week. After I tackle this gingerbread house.
I have been having fun with my little unfinished apartment. I was thrilled to hear that the "I'm a giant" dollhouse challenge was postponed. I had high hopes to participate, but got very busy this season. I may and try and attemp finishing up my apartment now that I have a month to kick in gear. Knock on wood!
Here's some pics I've taken lately.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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